Tap Memory

4.3 ( 7363 ratings )
游戏 娱乐 교육 관련 퍼즐
开发 Cory Kilger
1.99 USD

Tap Memory is a highly-addictive memory game aimed at testing and expanding your memory abilities. When the game begins, several numbers will appear on the screen. Think fast! These numbers will soon disappear and its up to you to tap the circles in order of the numbers, from low to high. There are five waves in each level, and each level is more difficult. And remember, the faster you tap, the more points you get! Enjoy!

- Three difficulty levels
- Original game music
- Global High scores
- Turn-based Multiplayer
- Language support for Chinese, Dutch, German, and Spanish

Please send questions, feedback, and other comments to support@tapmemoryapp.com.

Twitter: @tapmemoryapp
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/tapmemoryonfacebook
Website: http://www.tapmemoryapp.com